If you were here you’ll understand....
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Many Thanks to All Attendees
To everyone who took the time and trouble to come to Ham Camp a hearty
from Station Manager Penny and myself. We realize that many of you came a long way to
be here, but even if you just walked across the street we are glad you could make it.
A Good Time with a Little Radio Thrown In
Ham Camp started when we decided to invite a couple of Phil-Mont Mobile Radio Club
members up to our Farm near Sunbury, PA for a laid back weekend of good fun, fellowship,
and maybe a DX contact or two. The venue expanded as plans came together, and
eventually we had a gathering of 50+ ham radio friends, non ham friends, family, neighbors,
and other associated hangers on. It made for a really good mix, and we even had one
person, Richard (KC3BDL) successfully take his FCC test on site.
A lot of folks helped plan, prepare, and set up the necessary infrastructure for Ham Camp
to happen, and to these folks a very special thanks:
Al (AB3CE), James Stimson, Bill (W3AOK), Steve (WU3I), Richard (KC3BDL), and most of
all Station Manager Penny.
Ranger Fred KA3IRJ  
The Ham Camp Special
Event Station K3C Operated
August 16-18, 2013. 
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